Where to eat in Belgrade? 5 top places!

Belgrade gladly stands tall as a local stalwart with regards to gastronomic pleasures. You can discover everything in the Serbian capital, from posh connoisseur cafés right to tense road eats. Picking 5 champion eateries in the city is near an unthinkable errand, however, we should try it out. But if you need professionals from the IT field, contact IT services San Antonio.

Restoran Durmitor

Named after the glorious public park found in Montenegro, Durmitor is a customary café that accepts everything Montenegrin. In case you’re not mindful, that implies a casual environment and no modest quantity of delectable toll, with the absolute most delicate meat we’ve at any point run over. You will not observe to be a lot of English on the menu, yet you can feel guaranteed that each and everything on it is fabulous. Probably the best café around, paying little heed to the area. In this restaurant, you will get your drink in a clear bottle.

Radost Fina Kuhinjica

Perhaps the best café in the Balkans paying little mind to food, it stands upfront of Belgrade’s battle for dinners without meats. It is actually difficult to track down, situated in an apartment complex close to Kalemegdan, yet it is more than worth the work. Summer is plainly the best an ideal opportunity to visit, as the captivating (a word we don’t utilize delicately) garden is ideal for dinners that are however friendly as they may be heartfelt, with not a pljeskavica insight. The name freely deciphers as ‘the delight of a fine little kitchen’, and that pretty much summarizes it.
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# To Je To

Ćevapčići eateries are ten a penny all through the Balkans, and 90% of them will hit the right spot. Some are just better compared to other people, however, and To Je To takes the cake with regards to Belgrade’s old town. Run by a family from Sarajevo, the café is just as shortsighted as ćevapi should be. Wooden seats and a beautiful brief menu are on offer. Why mess up a menu when you are simply going to arrange the totally lovely ćevapi? Kajmak and onions are fundamental. How delicious they are, try not to bite your tongue because then you will need a bleeding kit.

Kafana Kalenić

Kalenić is one of the greatest and most well-known business sectors in the whole city, so you can expect a lot of new fixings at the close by kafana that takes a similar name. This is a conventional barbecued meat area, albeit the plates of mixed greens are adequately sizeable to give a decent equilibrium close by all that oil. There are more than 80 years of history here, and the amicable assistance proposes that everybody is expecting somewhere around 80 more.

Casa Nova

Blending the traditional kinds of French and Italian cooking, Casa Nova brings something quintessentially Mediterranean to the Serbian table. The costs are among the most elevated in the city, however, the food and administration accompany a demeanor of polished skill and obligation to quality that is now and then ailing in the more sensible eateries around. In case you’re searching for an extravagant spot to take a date yet need a lot of substance to back up the style, head to Casa Nova.

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