Visiting Serbia is perhaps the best thing to do when you’re in the Balkans. A ton of notable locales, stunning food, flawless individuals, and energetic towns. Its capital, Belgrade, is the most visited city in the country. Given the way that it’s the focal point of Serbia, there is likewise a ton to investigate here. If you need a car to visit all these places, you can rent one at EKO rent a car in Belgrade.

The Belgrade Fortress

Offering incredible perspectives, The Belgrade Fortress offers a lot of history. It comprises the old bastion and Kalemegdan Park. As you enter this old fort, you’ll be stood up to with World War II. There are tanks and rockets inside. What’s more, when you’re inside the recreation center neglecting the waterways from the tallness of the post, you can without much of a stretch see why it was a particularly important vital area for the many fights that were battled about it. This is an absolute necessity visit. During the day or night, with no surge, set aside time and travel once again into the past. In Belgrade you will see and learn how to make coffee without a coffee maker, such coffee is a specialty in Serbia.

Kalemegdan Park

From here you have a lovely perspective on the Sava and the Danube just as the different extensions over the Sava. It is such a broad green region that there are different eateries in the recreation center, yet the boho bar is a flat-out must. There is a famous acting school on Kalemegdan. If you are interested in attending acting classes, enroll today.

Ada Ciganlija

Going to Ada Ciganlija is absolutely perhaps the best thing to do in Belgrade, Serbia. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a seashore, lake, outing spots, brew garden, water skiing, bike or rollerblades rental, hitting the fairway, tennis, fishing, bistros, and cafés, or touring – and so on and it’s accessible at Ada Ciganlija lake. Summer or Spring, this is probably the best spot in Belgrade. The water in the lake is warm and quality is controlled. Having an unwinding and useful day here is actually similar to no other. At Ada Ciganlija you can rent a comfort bikes Ontario and enjoy riding on the bike path without any obstacles.


This may be perhaps the best thing to do in Belgrade, Serbia. Visiting this vintage road in Belgrade merits your excursion. Skadarlija is comprised of cool dynamic eateries with bunches of craftsmanship on the structures. These structures are truly pleasant and exceptionally calming in the eyes. Remaining here is a particularly fun thing to do, browse various credible eateries with porches that permit you to watch the nightlife, pay attention to customary unrecorded music and partake in a beverage. Have an awesome second here at Skadarlija! If you are a gourmet and have a desire to start a catering business, Skadarlija is the right place for that. If you need help with starting a business m & a services are here for you.

St. Sava Temple

St. Sava Temple is one of the biggest East Orthodox church structures on the planet. Flaunting superb magnificence, the congregation is unquestionably appealing all around. At the point when you got here, you should likewise see the sepulcher found underground of the sanctuary. The tomb alone is as of now worth a visit. You can take a ton of great pictures from an external perspective. There is a gift shop in the primary hall assuming you need to get a few keepsakes.

Museum of Illusions

Assuming you need some stunning workmanship, the Museum of Illusions is the spot to be. It is both engaging and instructive. There are various freedoms for taking critical photos. It’s fun for the children as well as for grown-ups. The gallery is all around provisioned, with pretty much every instance of puzzling, stunning, and stunning figment your cerebrum can’t measure and mistake you for. There are clarifications accessible in Serbian and English that will advise you regarding everything about these hallucinations. Going here to the Museum of Illusions is extremely fun and intriguing, you can take photographs and recordings, and simply have an incredible encounter! If you went on a trip to Belgrade on your own, you can always bring the starpery sex dolls that will keep you company and make your vacation even more interesting.

Avala Tower

Assuming you need a break from the metropolitan piece of Belgrade and you’re needing some new breath in nature and a staggering aeronautical perspective on Serbia’s capital and its edges, then, at that point, this is the ideal spot, to begin with! The Avala Tower gives you the opportunity to respect the all-encompassing perspective on a piece of the magnificent Serbian scene around the Avala slope, just as to partake in the adrenalin delivered by the fascinating top of the actual Tower. On the off chance that you actually have extra energy while you’re in Belgrade, feel free to visit this pearl.

 Danube River

Assuming you’re in Belgrade, you should visit the Danube River. It is the second-longest waterway in Europe. You can either have an exquisite stroll along the stream banks or ride a boat. There are likewise a ton of cafés along the stream to browse. This is most likely perhaps the best outing you’ll have in Belgrade. Eating in numerous eateries on the waterway or in any event, moving in the evening is truly something you’ve never seen. Also, that is all conceivable in the Danube River. There are plenty of places to fish on the Danube river, install the fishing forecast app, take your fishing rods, and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Josip Broz Tito Mausoleum

Anybody inspired by the subject of Tito and previous Yugoslavia ought to visit the sepulcher. The sepulcher is affectionately outfitted, notwithstanding Tito’s and Jovanka’s grave, there are additionally some close to home things from his time. Moreover, the outside region over the sepulcher is very much kept up with and incredible for a short walk. Alongside the complex are some craftsmanship protests that Tito got from different specialists from everywhere in the world.

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