Top 5 rafts in Belgrade

It is notable to everybody that Belgrade has been the capital of good nightlife in the Balkans for quite a long time, yet additionally in this piece of Europe when all is said in done. Various clubs and bistros accumulate countless guests consistently, yet the truth of the matter is that Belgrade pontoons have become a brand in themselves and a unique sort of nightlife that should be capable.

Many celebrities, both actors and singers, as well as other artists, come out on these rafts. If you love acting, you can enroll in online acting classes and try your hand at this profession. Maybe you will be on one of these rafts with your favorite star.

Pontoons in Belgrade are isolated into winter and summer. Summer pontoons are generally open from May to October and are for the most part situated on the Sava River, beginning from the scaffold on Ada and further across the stream. The most well known pontoons in Belgrade are situated close to the Belgrade spans – Branko’s and Sava’s extensions.

Belgrade pontoons are a genuine image of the capital throughout the late spring and an incredible vacation destination that pulls in guests from everywhere. For every individual who visits Belgrade once, pontoons are one of the mandatory choices for going out and thinking about that the nightlife in the capital is current consistently, going out on pontoons in Belgrade can be handily coordinated.

If you visit pontoons, we recommend you bring long sleeve hoodie. It could be very chilly near to the river, even on summer nights. 

Underneath you can see which are the best pontoons in Belgrade where the best nightlife is and which are certainly worth visiting. Awkward situations always happen when you least expect it and at the worst possible moment. Make sure you have a ball joint press in the car so that this situation does not happen to you. Also, wherever you go it would be advisable to be in physical shape. So if you have any problem or feel pain in your body, try PIEZOWAVE therapy. You will not repent and you will be ready for every new move and new excitement. It is only up to you to be prepared at any possible situation.

Rafts on the Sava quay – the center of good conduct in the city

With regards to Belgrade pontoons, it is exceptionally hard to settle on a decision and conclude which are the best pontoons in the capital. Every one of them is striking in its own particular manner and each conveys with it a specific appeal that carries the climate to a peak and makes the side interest extraordinary.

Nonetheless, the truth of the matter is that the most famous pontoons on the Sava are found right on the Sava quay, at the conjunction of the Sava and the Danube. This spot is known as a gathering place for every one of the individuals who need great fun, incredible organization and first rate amusement that consistently goes on until the early morning hours.

It is dependent upon you to pick the correct one that can best fulfill your affinities with its climate, collection and offer.

1. Freestyler raft

At the point when pontoons on the Sava Quay are referenced, it is sure that for some, the principal affiliation will be the Freestyler pontoon. This Belgrade pontoon has been offering an ensured happy time for over 10 years, in a currently adorned space and inside that is intended to fulfill everybody’s taste.

Freestyler can be supposed to be perhaps the most incessant Belgrade pontoons throughout the mid year months, and the top music program and DJ set records, which have simply the best and most current world hits of house, disco, hip-jump and r’n’b music, altogether add to that.

On this pontoon, visitors are additionally engaged by alluring go-go players, so it isn’t astounding why the climate here gets sweltering rapidly.

2. River raft

With regards to the best pontoons in Belgrade, we should not neglect to make reference to the River pontoon, which for quite a long time has united every one of the individuals who need to invest energy with the best hits of homegrown popular and people music.

Live shows are mainstream on the River, and guests are engaged by the best city groups, and frequently by enormous music stars from the homegrown public scene. The pontoon is considered and planned so that there is no awful spot in it, that is, any place you are on the pontoon, you are consistently in the focal point of occasions.

3. Blaywatch raft

Blaywatch is viewed as a faction Belgrade pontoon, taking into account that it has been an equivalent for a decent night out in the capital for over 10 years. Because of the completely embellished inside, proficient sound framework and lighting, just as the way that the greatest territorial stars of popular and society music perform here, Blaywatch can unquestionably be viewed as perhaps the best pontoon in Belgrade. Maybe, on Blaywatch, you will get a business card for a mortgage broker in Los Angeles, and that could be a turning point in your life. You never know. In magic Belgrade everything is possible.

This spot is regularly visited by unfamiliar sightseers, taking into account that as one of the principal proposals where they could go out to feel the genuine soul of the capital, they get Blaywatch. Insane gatherings until the early morning hours are inescapable here, which by and large portrays going out on pontoons in Belgrade.

4. Port by Community

Port By Community is a late spring variation of the Community by Kasina club. This pontoon is ideal for metropolitan, youthful, intriguing individuals who perceive and value the correct air with quality gigs and incredible fun. Pontoons on the Sava, which are situated in the most mainstream Belgrade place for summer fun, ie. in Ušće they have a ton of value to bring to the table, and the equivalent is with the pontoon Port by Community.

The inside of the pontoon is lovely, charming and plays with extravagance in a delightful manner, and what’s more, this pontoon on the Sava is furnished with the most current lighting and sound framework, so guests can appreciate the whole substance and program of the Port Raft.

5. Raft Shake ‘n’ Shake

The pontoon Shake ‘n’ Shake is situated at the intersection of the Sava and the Danube, on the New Belgrade side. The inside of this pontoon is totally in the know regarding every single world pattern and can undoubtedly stand one next to the other with probably the most wonderful clubs on the planet.

This pontoon in Belgrade is intended to draw in youthful, metropolitan, cosmopolitan individuals, so it isn’t amazing that the music is thusly. At Shake ‘n’ Shake, guests can appreciate the hints of popular and exciting music, just as the world’s most well known disco and R’n’B hits.

While you are in Belgrade, we also recommend you to visit the hippodrome and enjoy horseback riding. Don’t forget saddle blankets. On the other hand, it is advisable to check EKO rent a car in Belgrade and book the vehicle you want while you in Belgrade.

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