The most popular Serbian mountains

Tara Mountain

Tara Mountain is located in the far west of Serbia and includes the mountainous area located in a large hairpin bend of the Drina River. To the north, it is surrounded by the Drina River, to the west by the Derventa and the Beli Rzav Rivers, to the south by Mokra Gora and Kremna Basins, and to the east by the Pilica and the Solotuška Rivers. It has been proclaimed a national park and joined the jewels of the national, European, and world natural and cultural heritage. The area of Tara National Park is 24.991.82 ha.
Tara National Park with the River Drina Canyon is characterized by highly preserved and diverse autochthonous ecosystems, mainly of the Tertiary age, as well as by specific and unique phenomena of this complex that are related to the microrefugia and the refugial character of Tara Mountain. Tara is important because they increase the degree of biodiversity of this massif, indicating that, among other things, it is one of the most significant biodiversity hotspots of the Balkans.


Kopaonik is a lively ski area, with high-value prices, and a good snow and sun record in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Its wide mountain range spreads 83 by 62 kilometers and a have quite distinct natural borders, carved by the deep valleys of the Ibar, Josanica, Rasina, Gornja Toplica, and Lab rivers.
The climate of Kopaonik, with almost 200 sunny days annually, deserves credit for Kopaonik’s other name – ” mountain of the Sun “. The southern position of the massif, level, and openness of the terrain prevents continual detaining of cloudiness over the mountain. Colder and heavier air moves through the nearby valleys and ravines so that winter temperatures are not too low. Kopaonik has a sub-alpine climate. The average annual temperature of the Flat Kopaonik is 3, 7° C.
It starts snowing at the end of November and it snows until May, 159 days a year on average. On average, precipitation is higher than 1000 mm a year.

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Zlatar Mountain

There comes a moment when one would gladly escape the city and all that concrete and hide among dense trees reflecting against the water surface, somewhere where it’s possible to breathe in and out, where pristine landscapes leave a woman speechless. Even better if one can learn about the local history and culture at the same time. If you are among those, and you also like buckwheat pie or pancakes, there’s just the right place for you. Pack your bags and go to the Zlatar mountain. Zlatar is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia. It is surrounded by rivers Lima, Uvac, and Mileševike. It belongs to the Stari Vlah group of the Dinaric Alps. Zlatar mountain is located above Nova Varoš in southwestern Serbia and is 270 km from Belgrade. A mountainous climate with a significant Mediterranean influence, dense pine forests, and a high number of sunny days is suitable for medicinal purposes and altitude training. Not far from Zlatar mountain, tourists can visit the canyon of the Uvac river, three artificial lakes, Zlatarsko, Sjeničko, and Radoinjsko. Also, there are Mileševa and Banja monasteries. While visiting these monasteries in Zlatar, especially in cold days, be sure to drink crockpot hot cocoa.

Mokra Gora

Mokra Gora is a mountain on the border between Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro. It is part of the Prokletije mountain range. It has two peaks higher than 2,000 m. The highest is Pogled at 2,156 m, and the other is Beleg at 2,142 m. The Pogled peak is shared between Serbia and Kosovo, while Beleg is on the tripoint. The peak Berim is also part of this mountain. In Kosovo, the town of Istok lies just south of the mountain on the Metohija plain, which borders the mountain to the south.


Zlatibor is a beautiful mountain in Serbia, which you can visit at any time of the year!
If you decide to go when is spring or summer you will be able to walk, climb, and explore the vast expanse of pastures and forests. You will enjoy the view of the countryside, the villages, the smell of pine trees and your body going to be grateful because of the rose of the winds. Walk from the center of Zlatibor to the monument which is located on the hill Glavudža. Take a walk among the pine trees and breathe deeply!

In the winter months, you can enjoy in warm tea, boiled brandy, or wine after a day on the snow. We believe that you can not sit in one place even during the winter months, even if it can be very cold certainly you will walk a lot. It is known that mountain air can make you tired However we spent days outside, and as we were on Zlatibor during the holiday season, we sat late into the night. Believe us, it was not difficult to get up in the morning before eight in order to see and experience new things that this mountain can provide.
Walk while snowing is invaluable. Of course, for those adventures, there is ice skating, skiing, snowball fight, and sledding! As you can see on Zlatibor you can enjoy in perfect holiday or anniversary party.

Zlatibor is full of newly equipped hotels with iron security door behind which friendly staff will always welcome you with a welcome gift.

On Zlatibor is Tornik which is the highest peak. Tornik can be reached through a nice marked road. Here you can ski, but if you’re not a fan of this sport certainly we recommend you to climb to the top of the mountain with a ropeway because the view that stretches from there is really unforgettable! Of course, dress well, if you go there in winter put on a scarf, hat, gloves, and glasses.

When we talk about food in Zlatibor you will find traditional food from this area, but also pizza, pancakes, and waffles. King’s Square has a large number of bars and restaurants that offer entertainment for the young and the elderly. The prices are European.
Whichever accommodation you choose is certain that you will be satisfied, because the people of this region are really the nicest in Serbia.
Zlatibor will enjoy couples with children and couples without children.

Mountain Kosmaj

Kosmaj is a mountain of enormous beauty.
It is adored by climate characteristics, mild sky, wide clearings, thick pastures, and numerous springs under the thick deciduous and conifer forests.

Its 40 km far from Belgrade, 13 km far from Mladenovac, and 11 km far from Koraica spa. The Kosmaj surroundings are rich in forest terrains. The peak of Kosmaj is 628 m above sea level, one part of it in Mladenovac and another one in Sopot area. Forests on Kosmaj spread over about 550 ha under the deciduous and 120 ha under the conifer forests. Kosmaj is rich in wild and forest fruits. Flora on Kosmaj is very rich, there are 557 species and subgroups and thats about 15,2 % of the flora in Serbia.

There are some endangered species among them like goat pen, red onion, and orchid.
This area is very rich with mushrooms and there are about 300 species and 120 of them are determined.

51 mammal species are found, 96 bird species, 11 reptile species, 13 amphibian species, and numerous insect species in Serbian fauna.
The Belgrade parliament made a decision to protect the natural property of Kosmaj as an exceptionally valuable region for its picturesque landscapes and forests qualities, diverse and rich flora and fauna, water quality, soil and air, property of cultural heritage, and the ambiance and conditions for the progress of tourism, recreation, and agriculture.

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To get to know all the charms this mountain gem has to offer, you can explore it on foot, along one of the many hiking trails which lead to the most interesting peaks of Divčibare.
The hiking trail “Bitter Karst” is considered by many to be the most beautiful among them, because of its view down the canyon of the enchanting Crna Reka (Black River). If you prefer your tour of the mountain to be somewhat faster, choose one of the cycling trails, which will take you through the most beautiful landscapes of Divčibare at a pace that suits you best.
At the very center of Divčibare like the ski slope aptly dubbed “Centre”, which stretches along the northern slopes of the mountain for almost 600 meters. Because of its sharp incline, this ski slope is not suitable for beginners and is reserved for slightly more advanced skiers. A specific attraction of this ski slope is the view of the mountain ranges of Western Serbia from its peak.
And night skiing is an unforgettable experience – this is the only ski slope in Divčibare that is illuminated from the bottom to its peak.
Near the Zmaj ski resort and the Stražara summit, there are three smaller ski slopes, ideal for beginners. During the winter season, there is also a ski school.
In the summer, the ski lift at Crni vrh operates at full steam, taking visitors for panoramic rides. Numerous basketball, tennis, and handball courts also provide ample opportunities for fun during the warmer part of the year.

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