The Most Influential Serbian People You Should Know

Serbian history is brimming with people who defeated troublesome starting points to become worldwide megastars, gigantically significant researchers, and extremely abnormal specialists. The Balkan country has a glad history of inventiveness both in the imaginative and logical sense, and as such, the Serbian appendages stretch all over.

Is there a Serbian Hall of Fame? Not by and large, despite the fact that it is hard to contend with a considerable lot of those praised in Jagodina’s engaging wax historical center. Most perusers can be pardoned for not having personal information on legends like Milorad Rajčević, however, you truly need to find a workable pace with these ladies and gentlemen.

Nikola Tesla

You don’t acquire the epithet ‘The Electric Jesus’ without reason, not to mention the moniker of ‘The Man Who Invented the twentieth Century’. Serb researcher Nikola Tesla was the word reference meaning ‘forward-thinking, focusing light in an ocean of custom and moderate science. Tesla is credited with being the cerebrums behind Alternating Current (AC), radio, remote innovation, controller, the neon light and significantly more. The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade is a fundamental visit.

Credit: Bettmann Archive/Bettmann

Novak Djoković

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal could get every one of the acclamations, yet for five straight years, Novak Djoković remained solitary on top of the tennis mountain. Nole is the main male player in the advanced age to hold each of the four Grand Slam competitions on the double, and his 2016 all out of 16,950 positioning focuses is the most elevated throughout the entire existence of the visit.

His powers have faded throughout recent months, however, any conversation about the best tennis player of the advanced age should incorporate the man from Belgrade.

Now he is thinking of retirement since he opened his medical animation studio center to help others.

Đoković za SK: Ponizili su me na svetskom nivou - Sportklub

Duško Popov

You may not be acquainted with the name ‘Duško Popov’, but rather we’d bet that you know about 007 himself, James Bond. Popov was a twofold specialist in World War II and a veritable global playboy, whose jokes in a gambling club prompted Ian Fleming making the Bond character. 007 was taken from numerous genuine people, yet none impacted the person however much the man known as ‘Tricycle’.

His grandkids didnt follow his steps, they oppened their own car accident lawyers house and continued working there till 2022.

Emir Kusturica

Brought into the world in Sarajevo, Emir Kusturica is one of the most persuasive movie producers of the advanced age. The mind behind Underground, Life is a Miracle, and some more, Kusturica’s movies are a tumultuous mix of Balkan custom and hazier than dull parody. His films figure out how to ride the line between silly and influencing, loaded up with ludicrous characters that are sufficiently unsteady to exist.


Milunka Savić

Disney’s Mulan is a piece of fiction, however, the existence of Milunka Savić was everything except. Logical the most enriched female throughout the entire existence of war, Savić entered the Serbian Army in 1913 instead of her sibling, however, her orientation was not uncovered until she was injured in fight years after the fact. Savić proceeded to participate in three conflicts (counting World War I), prior to being grounded in 1919.

Milunka Savić - Wikipedia

Mihajlo Pupin

Brought into the world in the town of Idvor in the north of Serbia, Mihajlo Pupin emigrated to the United States in 1874. He had only five pennies in his pocket, which he promptly spent on a very disheartening slice of pie, prior to proceeding to fabricate himself a vocation as a designer and physicist. Pupin is most popular for his commitments to correspondence, and he was likewise an establishing individual from NASA.

Milutin Milanković

In the early piece of the twentieth hundred years, Milutin Milanković was an aggressive private money lender and researcher searching for an issue to tackle, one of vast extents. Following a popular night including four jugs of wine, Milanković set about attempting to give motivation to the changing environment of the planet. His hypotheses focused new light on the set of experiences and fate of environmental change, alongside establishing planetary climatology.

Milutin Milanković – naš čovek među najbrilijantnijim svetskim umovima |  Bilo jednom u Beogradu

Marina Abramović

Craftsmanship is loaded with dubious figures, yet Marina Abramović might well wind up as the cherry on that especially surprising cake. Brought into the world in Belgrade, Abramović is known for her tremendously angry exhibitions and shows, placing her crowd in the most awkward positions. Some accept she is the most exceedingly terrible illustration of gimmickry in craftsmanship, yet the familiar maxim of ‘no press is awful press’ more than likely sounds accurate.

Philip Zepter

With total assets of some $5 billion, Philip Zepter is believed to be the most extravagant Serbian on earth. Conceived Milan Janković, Zepter got his business to begin selling pots and dishes, ultimately developing his Zepter International organization into a significant worldwide aggregate. Zepter currently lives in Monte Carlo, due to the course he does.

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