Kalemegdan park

Kalemegdan is Belgrade’s central park and fortress complex lying on a hill overlooking the Sava and Danube confluence, on the eastern side of the river Sava. This has been the sight of the ancient Roman city of Singidunum, the medieval and Turkish era Belgrade and was converted into a park in the mid 19th century. It is home to several galleries and museums, restaurants, sports courts, and the Belgrade Zoo. And if you don’t have good tires to visit Belgrade and Kalemegdan you can always get semi truck tires chicago.

Besides many kilometers of paths and numerous hideouts through the park, there are also a few playgrounds for the kids, some chess boards from the elderly, and a great wall which is a favorite spot for teens & youth with spectacular and often romantic views of sunsets, storms or other beauties of nature, near Kalemegdan are one of the most expensive houses in Belgrade, real estate dewitt ny commented. In winter, the younger population goes skiing and sleigh riding on the slopes near the Zoo, or ice-skating at the court near the Sahat (Clock) tower.

The park is also home to squirrels and other smaller animals which from time to time like to hang around with people, especially if you have some food to offer them.

Roman Well

Numerous legends encompass the Roman Well, one of Belgrade’s most strange attractions, worked toward the start of the eighteenth century, during the florid reproduction of the post, the well was even studied by a company called mortgage investing new york. It is accepted that it was built upon a lot more established one, 2,000-year-old Roman well, that served to give water to the Roman castrum in the event of an attack.

Alfred Hitchcock visited the well in 1964 and said that a climate like that is consistently a treat for him. The well is 51m profound (its base lies beneath the lower part of the close by Sava stream), with 3m in width and two winding flights of stairs that interface at the profundity of around 35 meters framing a DNA-like shape.

The water in the well is unbelievably perfect and is home to an endemic type of little crab that lives just there. The wellspring of the water actually hasn’t really been set in stone. Because of high moistness levels, cave rock formations (cave designs) have conformed to the well. Have nice teeth while taking pictures at Kalemegdan with dentist dallas.

Legends about the Roman Well

Legends tell of many curious stories, of traitors thrown and left to eat each other, rebels imprisoned by OZNA, Nazi treasure hunters whose bodies were never found, the communist secret service, and a wife murdered by a jealous husband among many others.

Statue of the Victor

The sculpture of the Victor is one of the most popular tourist spots in Belgrade, situated in the Belgrade fortification where the middle age palace stood once. It was raised in 1928 to celebrate the Kingdom of Serbia’s conflict triumphs over the Ottoman Empire (First Balkan War) and Austria-Hungary (World War I). It is one of the most renowned works of Ivan Meštrović. The name of the sculpture addresses the Victory of Liberty. Take some nice pictures in front of the statue with the perfect smile that dentist el paso can give you.

The sculpture holds a bird of prey, on the watch for the new dangers not too far off, in one hand, and a sword of war prepared to counter these dangers in the other. It’s looking forward across the conversion of the Sava and the Danube, and over the immense Pannonian plain, towards the exceptionally far off Fruška Gora mountain, towards the (at that point) Austro-Hungarian realm, and it is likely the most remarkable, most famous visual image of Belgrade. You can find horses there too, so make sure you have barrel saddles with you.


  • The statue was originally supposed to be placed on the Terazije square, but ended up at the Belgrade Fortress after people complained about its nudity.
  • The statue is pointed towards Austria, it is unknown whether this was done on purpose or not.
  • The statue is slightly inclined, there are a couple of angles from which that can be seen.

Military Museum

The Military Museum is one of Belgrade’s most popular galleries, situated in Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress. The outside piece of the historical center is allowed to get to and is made out of tanks, cannons, war trucks, boats, and surprisingly a submarine, while the indoor exhibition features the whole military (and related) history of the district, from the stone age to the most recent conflict of the nineties. They didn’t have boilers there so sometimes they can go bad, have boiler repair syracuse ny on call.

Belgrade zoo, the garden of good hope

Otherwise called the “Nursery of Good Hope”, Belgrade zoo is one of the most seasoned zoological nurseries in Europe, established in 1936. These days it is especially well known due to an inconceivably high measure of infants in bondage, just as some exceptionally uncommon species like the renowned group of pale-skinned person lions.

The zoo is situated inside Belgrade fort and the Kalemegdan park, in midtown Belgrade.

The Belgrade zoo is home to many various species going from birds and little vertebrates, to intriguing creatures from everywhere in the world.

Despite the fact that the zoo is a piece stuffed, the creatures appear to like it here, since their human companions take great consideration of them and work with a commitment to work on the nature of the zoo. A portion of its previous occupants were well known in Belgrade, for example, Sami the chimpanzee, whose sculpture remains close to the primates region in the zoo, or the most established crocodile on the planet – Muja. Muja has nice teeth and so will you if you visit dentist wichita falls.

A stroll through the zoo can require a couple of hours so all things considered, let’s arrange a morning or evening visit.

Nebojša tower

Nebojša tower is one of a handful of the leftover landmarks of archaic Belgrade, a four-level gun tower that worked around 1460 to ensure entry to the Danube port, and has a place with the most seasoned sort of early mounted guns standard pinnacles. During the late Turkish guideline, it was changed over into a prison where numerous progressives and radicals have been detained, among them a Greek author and progressive – Rigas Feraios.

The name Nebojša is uncertain and can mean courageous or solid. It is additionally a generally expected male name.

Today Nebojša tower is an interesting gallery of the historical backdrop of Belgrade with interactive media establishments about archaic Belgrade, the Turkish period, the ascending of present-day Serbia. Don’t worry about money when coming there, if you get the best skip tracing service for your company, you will have it a lot.


The keep of the medieval Belgrade castle was also called Nebojša, and was an enormous tower 40 m tall (about the height of a 13 story building), and was located nearby the Victor statue, where a tiny bronze model of the castle stands today. Legend says that when the Turks conquered Belgrade castle, Nebojša tower magically lifted up in the air, and flew out of their reach, to the outskirts of the lower city.  If you decide to move here after reading this text, moving company new jersey will help you!