Deliblato Sands, Serbia – a.k.a. Deliblatska Peščara – the biggest sandy landscape in Europe.


In order to prevent scattering of sand from deforested areas of Peščara and protection of arable land from the sand, from 1818 to 1907, half of its surface was forested. With the first development elaborate from 1912 forests received economic importance as well, and patrol of the acacia is set at 25 years. Today the stand of acacia occupy one third of the Reserve surface. Black pine which was used from the beginning of forestation, in 1953 became the leading specie. Catastrophic forest fire in 1996 put an end to this period. “Deliblato sands” is under the protection from 1977 and is managed by the Public Enterprise “Vojvodina šume”. Deliblato Sands in 1989 was declared an Important Bird Area (IBA), due to its waters rich in fish and hatcheries, which are significant confluence and mass wintering waterfowl habitat

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The specificity of the Deliblato Sands is its forest-steppe vegetation, mosaic-like distributed on the prominent dune relief, which is unique in the Pannonia Plain. Sandy lands and specific environmental conditions have created forest-steppe habitats of extremely rare species of flora. Flora of the Deliblato Sands is characterized by: sandstone, steppe, forest, wetland and aquatic communities. Of the nearly 1,000 plant species that built them, the most characteristic are plants of the steppe habitat: Banat peony, fern leaf peony, rindera umbellata, dwarf almond and others. Juniper is the only autochthonous conifer, while in the few indigenous forests prevail virgilijski oak (Quercus virgiliana), pedunculed oak and lime tree. More than half of the area of Deliblato Sands is now overgrown with planted forest of black locust, black and white pine.

Wildlife of Deliblato Sands is characterized by sandstone and insect species of steppe habitats: eagle, saker falcon, ground squirrel, mole rat and steppe gerbil. In the forest habitats constant presence of wolves, deer, roe deer and wild boar is significant. Water ecosystems of the coast and of the Danube aits represent waterfowl nesting sites and temporary habitat of migratory birds, while the surface of the non-iced Danube is a mass wintering place for wild ducks and geese.

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The specificity of the Deliblato Sands is pronounced dune relief, whose altitudes range between 70 and 197m, as well as the absence of surface water courses. The climate is temperate continental with a specific microclimate, which is characterized by early and late frosts and extreme temperature fluctuations between -25 and +45 degrees Celsius. In winter blows the east wind, which can reach speed of 140 km / h.

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While noticing photos of Serbia most regularly coursing the Internet, you could arrive at the resolution that this nation is only the transcending mountains [Tara National Park] shrouded in lavish backwoods of evergreen trees that spread as may be obvious. Despite the fact that you wouldn’t be absolutely off-base to accept thus, reality with regards to this Balkans nation is that it has the most fluctuated scenes possible.

Among these, in the northern region of Vojvodina, there’s even a genuine desert guaranteeing in excess of a little lump of an area. It’s known as Deliblato Sands (or Deliblatska Peščara as local people call it) and it recounts the tale of its own.

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Presenting Deliblato Sands, the European Sahara

As the title proposes, the sheer size and sythesis of Deliblato Sands deserve it a most grand title of ‘European Sahara‘. Generally unique, Deliblatska Peščara partook in a little consideration due to the Yugoslav film – “Who’s Singin’ Other There?”.

Deliblato Sands is the single biggest sand desert in whole Europe, crossing a fantastic area of 300 square kilometers. Assuming the type of a circle, the ‘rises’ of this one of a kind desert range from 70 to 200 meters in level. So be careful when walking, because you may injure your knee, in which case you’ll need knee pain treatment leesburg. What’s so one of a kind about it is the inconceivable wealth of both creature and vegetation that has consistently developed and duplicated since ancient ages. Encompassing this enormous field of sand is soil that is pretty much prolific, somewhat in because of the strong Danube streaming past the desert’s southeastern end on its legendary excursion to the Black Sea.

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The Trees in Deliblato Sands, Serbia

It could appear to be interested, even supernatural, how a desert came to be in what’s notable as Serbia’s most rich locale. The fields of Vojvodina are predominantly shrouded in ranches, with the exception of this rotten one. The principal guilty party of this strange alleviation plan is, not surprisingly, the breeze. Strong breezes blowing from the east have layered sand over a stunningly significant stretch of time, making the scene that so clumsily sits among homesteads, woods, and regions in any case favored with elevated degrees of precipitation. This place is ideal for online yoga classes.

An example in geology’s just fine, however how might all of this affect likely guests?

Various Flora + Blooming Orchids in Spring
There are in excess of 900 types of plants nearby, some of them, like Banat peony, even endemic to this region of the planet. Having 20 various types of orchids should be a world record for a desert! These living things have delivered Deliblato an extraordinary nature hold, bound to improve the existences of the individuals who visit it.

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The Stunning Birds of Deliblato Sands

Assuming you’re a devoted birdwatcher, you will not be leaving Deliblato at any point in the near future. Majestic hawks and Banat hawks are only a portion of the birds that flourish in the locale. Their property cousins incorporate gerbils, mole rodents, skunks and a lot of different animals frequently tracked down in the steppes. This sight will act on you like ed medications new orleans.

Creatures in Deliblato Sands

Other than taking in all the magnificence of a neglected desert commended by the mainland environment, noticing the huge number of occupants calling Delibato Sands their house is something else you can do.

Taking into account the wealth of enormous well evolved creatures, for example, deer, wild pigs and, surprisingly, a few last remnants of wolves in Serbia, you can presumably speculate about what is one more famous hobby in the desert. Indeed, trackers come from everywhere the world to Deliblato Sands to participate in their ‘sport’, an action that is frequently disapproved of, yet all at once existent none the less.

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The Stunning Geology

It doesn’t make any difference what social status you, at the end of the day, may be coming from, Deliblato Sands will not frustrate you. This wonderful nature hold has ellipsoid molded sand masses that are 15 KMs long. This whole desert began from the Panonian Sea and was made by winds that brought the sand here.

The previously mentioned overflow of life isn’t simply intriguing to those of additional logical influences. While geographers, geologists, and scholars will have their hands full with illustrations that this desert needs to educate, a guest less knowledgeable in these sciences will be similarly fulfilled.

The surprising conditions of the desert’s creation and its area brought about a spot so gorgeous and enchanting, it’s difficult to stand up to. What most guests notice at first is that maybe the desert is kept in a steady battle with life emerging from all its spores. You basically don’t see different trees, blossoms, and birds thriving in Sahara!

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Getting to Deliblato Sands

Deliblato Sands are around 100 kilometers from the capital city, Belgrade. You can get a transport from Belgrade to Bela Crkva, which is a town near the line with Romania, and right close to the desert. Assuming that you’re driving, take the Pančevo-Kovin-Bela Crkva street and you’ll be there right away. To get here, rent a cheap car rental in Belgrade.

Fishing forecast on the lakes in Bela Crkva is usually in the autumn period.

Visiting Deliblato Sands implies participating in ecotourism of the best kind. You’ll see one of the last genuine wild regions and the most seasoned European desert across the board go. For this adventure, you won’t need anything but crockpot hot cocoa for extra enjoyment.

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