COVID-19 Measures And Situation In Belgrade

Prepare yourself with all the momentous information. Wear your favorite kaftan, take a mask and be responsible. It would be helpful to bring with you japanese shears, because scissors are always a valuable accessory, especially in times of crisis.

In a proposal of this COVID-19 Crisis Response Team, the government adopted new steps at the session so as to avoid the spread of coronavirus and safeguard the health of citizens.

The new steps refer to the Town of Belgrade, bearing in mind the particulars of the epidemiological situation.

The job of bars and restaurants and night clubs is restricted, without exclusion, from 11 pm to 6 am the following day.

In all closed areas, without exclusion, it’s compulsory to wear protective masks, even while scrutinizing the physical space of 1.5 meters.

Additionally, it’s compulsory to wear protective masks in public suburban and urban transportation and on intercity transportation. But it is safe to drive a road bikes Ontario, no matter if you go to work or in your free time.

For instance, together with the measure of mandatory wearing of a protective mask on public transportation or inside, a fine in the total amount of RSD 5,000 is prescribed for every single individual who violates this step.

The government has also made a decision to prohibit parties in public areas indoors for over a hundred individuals, and in open spaces for at least 500 individuals.

Throughout any parties indoors or outside, it’s important to honor a physical space of 1.5 meters.

All steps for the Town of Belgrade have been in force in the next fourteen days, or before 18 November especially.

The government appeals once again to all taxpayers to honor the limitations and recommendations, behave responsibly and look after their health and the health of their nearest and dearest.

The government and the COVID-19 Crisis Response Team will continue to track with the best focus the daily evolution of the situation in the Republic of Serbia and inform the citizens about what.

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U.S. taxpayers can find a COVID-19 PCR test in the places below:

  • The Torlak Institute, situated at Vojvode Stepe 458 at Belgrade (telephone: + 381 11 3953 700, email: No appointment is required, and evaluations are done daily except Sunday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.. The price for Serbian citizens is 60 euros, 120 euros to get non-Serbian taxpayers. Get in touch with the Institute in progress for payment info. The price tag is 120 euros for both non-Serbian taxpayers, and 6,000 dinars for Serbian citizens or taxpayers. To create an appointment, email and feature a call-back telephone number so a formal could call you to tell you the period of your appointment. Payment has to be made beforehand to the Republic Health Insurance Fund.
  • The Serbian Ministry of Health created a crisis hotline for those who have signs or think they could have come in contact with the virus: +381 64 8945235. Amounts for Institutes of Public Health outside Belgrade are available here.
  • All neighborhood hospitals and healthcare facilities through Serbia have started COVID-19 clinics with committed telephone numbers which could be located here. Cell telephone number are accessible 24/7.

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