10 Places To Visit In Serbia And Enjoy The Scenery

Serbia offers a dynamic blend of immaculate landscape, old history, and interesting regular marvels. From the mixed energy of Belgrade to the peaceful spa towns of Sokobanja and Vrnjačka Banja, this Eastern European nation has a long and checkered past yet holds an unmistakably old-world feel, however that doesn’t make it a lacking backwater.

For the set of experiences buffs, the water infants, sun admirers, and the entire night partygoers, Serbia is jam-loaded with unseen spots and attractions simply holding on to fulfill your movement thirst and top off your web-based entertainment feed. We’ve chosen a portion of the star attractions to kick your preparation off.

Demon’s Town

Situated on Mount Radan, the uncommon geomorphological site of Devil’s Town is a famous spot for anybody looking for a little Serbian secret. At 700 meters above ocean level and settled between 2 gorges, rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that the 200 normal stone models making up this evil town are really a gathering of unnerved wedding visitors.

To get to this vile site, you’ll be ready for a precarious trip. It’s additionally encircled by rich woodlands. Assuming you want to get your climb on, follow the ‘way of wellbeing’ from Prolom Banja, extending 9 km across the Prolom mountain. It’ll require around 2 and a half hours to arrive at this regular peculiarity. Chilling, yes. A must-do on Serbian ventures? Totally.


As the bright capital of Serbia, Belgrade offers up a blend of craftsmanship, culture, and culinary treats for everybody to appreciate. From noteworthy nineteenth-century structures like the Kalemegdan Fortress to intense road workmanship and loosening up areas of interest, for example, the Belgrade Waterfront, you’ll have the option to uncover a novel, new thing around each electric corner of a city that is flanked by the Danube and the Sava streams.

The excellence of Belgrade lies in its capacity to take you from old engineering to a lively bistro culture in a moment. When the Serbian sun begins to set, there’s an entire assortment of neighborhoods to walk around, from the roads of Savamala to the many bars and cafés in Dorćol.

Drvengrad and Šargan Eight

For a beguiling Serbian travel insight, advance toward the Šargan Eight legacy railroad in the Mokra Gora valley and take a particularly grand excursion. This rail line includes a figure-8 circle that goes through 22 passages and crosses 10 extensions from Mokra Gora to Šargan-Vitasi.

After landing, the untainted villa of Drvengrad is only 2 km away in the Mokra Gora valley. It’s otherwise called ‘Wood Town’. Assuming you think the town seems to be a film set, that is on the grounds that that was all there was to its unique goal. Worked as a movie set by neighborhood chief Emir Kusturica for the film Life is a Miracle, it’s currently an ethnic outdoors historical center with an emphasis on human expression.

Uvac Special Nature Reserve

Assuming nature and untamed life are at the highest point of your Serbian daily agenda, go to the town of Nova Varoš to absorb the quality of Uvac Special Nature Reserve. Arranged in southwestern Serbia, this safeguarded region is known for its plentiful birdlife, most prominently the griffon vulture – the hold’s cherished image.

With completely clear waters, Uvac Lake, Zlatar Lake, and Radoinja Lake meet up for critical perspectives and pleasant photograph open doors. The hold likewise has the biggest cavern complex in Serbia – you can go underground and partake in a snapshot of untainted nature while revealing the charms of the brilliant ravine. The most effective way to investigate such environmental elements is by boat – you can go through all pieces of Uvac.


Sokobanja is one of the most famous spa resorts in Serbia, sitting cozily between 2 mountains. You’ll have the option to take in the outside air as you appreciate its excellent situation on the slants of Mount Ozren. Pause for a minute or two and respect the curious environmental elements of the River Moravica, the undulating Bovan lake, and the biggest cascade in all of Serbia, Ripaljka.

On the off chance that you extravagant a little activity, Sokobanja likewise offers climbing trails, exploratory cavern visits and there are different wearing exercises, for example, tennis, ball, and a spot of looking for those so slanted. It’s likewise a focal point for social and craftsmanship occasions, for example, Prva harmonika Srbije (First Accordion of Serbia) and Banjsko kulturno leto (Spa Cultural Summer).


Travel south of the Danube River to the remains of Gamzigrad-Romuliana, close to the city of Zaječar, to see an entrancing UNESCO World Heritage site. This late Roman majestic castle and remembrance complex has noteworthy strongholds and sanctuaries to investigate (for a little charge), as well as underground aquifers and, surprisingly, a tetrapylon (cubic Ancient Roman landmark). For an additional expense, you can look at the historical center of impeccably saved structures.

Recently known as Felix Romuliana in the late third and mid-fourth hundred years, it’s not difficult to coincidentally find – as long as you pay special attention to the street signs – as it’s arranged only a couple of kilometers from the fundamental street.

Tara National Park

In the event that you are a nature sweetheart, an experienced searcher or you simply need to go through the outing in the city, this visit is the ideal decision for you. Go along with us on experience as we investigate Tara National Park – the magnificence of the mountains. Feel the wonderful wild, inhale the newness of conifer backwoods and appreciate a few stunning perspectives. Not long from now, this visit will blow your mind.

The verdant scene and eye-getting gorges of Tara are the gems in Serbia’s grand crown. Streaming gladly through its forested slants is the emotional Drina River gorge – perhaps the most charming stream in Serbia. What’s more, that is not everything that could be celebrated. Tara’s 2 lakes – Perućac and Zaovine – are both ideal for kayaking and a spot for swimming.

Wear your strolling boots and follow the signs to the Banjska Stena culmination. Following a lively 30-minute climb, get your camera for a few ideal snaps to make your companions and devotees envious. Go in the cold weather months assuming that you lean toward snow-covered mountains. On the off chance that you visit in September, you’ll get to investigate this quiet desert spring at its sparkling best.

Vrnjačka Banja

Serbia’s not shy of spa towns to loosen up in, however, Vrnjačka Banja is one of the more serene as it’s stowed away from the clamor of the greater urban areas. Dunk into rich green parks, social focuses, and normal sulfur springs prior to going to the huge decorative Japanese Garden. Oozing peacefulness, Vrnjačka Banja allows you to reveal something supernatural around each twisting way, from the counterfeit lake to the unusual cascade.

On the off chance that you’re investigating the tranquility of Vrnjačka Banja with a friend or family member, make certain to get a lock to get on the scaffold of adoration – Most Ljubavi. It’s really supposed to be where this now-famous practice began.


As one of the most famous mountain habitats in all of Serbia, Zlatibor lounges around 1,000 meters above ocean level and offers a reliably gentle environment lasting through the year. From the flickering Veliki Rzav River and mineral-rich springs to the sensational gullies flaunting what they have on the southern mountain slants, this objective invites fishermen and spa admirers with its amazing scenery.

Because of its regular resources, Zlatibor is a top objective for country, game, and wellbeing the travel industry as well as playing host to one-of-a-kind occasions consistently. These incorporate The Trumpet Festival and shows of customary people craftsmanship in the late spring. It likewise treats those searching for a few additional outrageous exercises in the colder cold weather months.

Djerdap National Park

Djerdap National Park offers something for pretty much every sort of drifter in its beautiful overlap. There are interesting social fortunes you can find all through. The recreation area flanks the River Danube and loosens up from the flashing Golubac Fortress to the dam in Novi Sip. Make certain to stop at Lepenski Vir – an ancient archeological site – and Kapetan Mišin Breg, which ignores the Đerdap gorge.

The immaculate territory of the recreation area and its nearby authentic legacy make an optimal spot for climbers and explorers, and there are a lot of restaurants to look immediately after you’ve become really hungry. Find a comfortable place to sit on the open-air porch at Zlatna Ribica to truly catch the oceanside feel.