Serbia has a subtropical climate with precipitation throughout the year. Warm summers and freezing winters invite tourists from all over the world. The best time to visit Serbia is from March to May and September to October when you find there most favorable conditions suitable for the real adventure.

Let’s explore some of the best things to do in Serbia, Serbia to create a lifetime full of memories:

Experience Hiking At the Peaks Fruska Gora Mountains

Fruska Gora, the great Mountains in Vojvodina are famous worldwide for the surreal beauties and capacious network of hiking trails. Adventure aficionados visit here in flocks to experience the lofty peaks and its surrounding serenity. Crveni Chot, the highest Peak of the Fruska Gora Mountains rises at about 539 meters above sea level. The longest trail that enables you to admire the real tranquillity of the place is Fruska Gora Marathon Footpath.

Enjoy Kayak Tour On Great War Island

The Great War Island is…


Serbia offers a dynamic blend of immaculate landscape, old history, and interesting regular marvels. From the mixed energy of Belgrade to the peaceful spa towns of Sokobanja and Vrnjačka Banja, this Eastern European nation has a long and checkered past yet holds an unmistakably old-world feel, however that doesn’t make it a lacking backwater.

For the set of experiences buffs, the water infants, sun admirers, and the entire night partygoers, Serbia is jam-loaded with unseen spots and attractions simply holding on to fulfill your movement thirst and top off your web-based entertainment feed. We’ve chosen a portion of the star attractions to kick your preparation off.

Demon’s Town

Situated on Mount Radan, the uncommon geomorphological site of Devil’s Town is a famous spot for anybody looking for a little Serbian secret. At 700 meters above ocean level and settled between 2 gorges, rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that the 200 normal stone models making up this evil…

The White Palace

The White Palace (Serbian: Beli Dvor) is the Serbian royal palace located in Belgrade. It is part of the Royal Compound, a complex of royal residences and green areas located in the Dedinje district, one of the most populated parts of the Serbian capital. The Royal Compound covers an area of ​​100 hectares, of which 27 surround the Royal Palace and 12 the White Palace.The White House was designed in neo-Palladian style by architect Aleksandar Đorđević, probably inspired by 18th-century English villas such as Ditchley Park. Its interiors were decorated by the French house Maison Jansen in the English Georgian style. The furniture is in the Russian style of the 19th century.During the construction of the Royal Palace, Yugoslav King Alexander I wanted to build a house for his children, so the White Palace came into existence. After the assassination of King Alexander I in 1934 in Marseille, Queen Mary and the prince’s children, including the…

Tara Mountain

Tara Mountain is located in the far west of Serbia and includes the mountainous area located in a large hairpin bend of the Drina River. To the north, it is surrounded by the Drina River, to the west by the Derventa and the Beli Rzav Rivers, to the south by Mokra Gora and Kremna Basins, and to the east by the Pilica and the Solotuška Rivers. It has been proclaimed a national park and joined the jewels of the national, European, and world natural and cultural heritage. The area of Tara National Park is 24.991.82 ha.Tara National Park with the River Drina Canyon is characterized by highly preserved and diverse autochthonous ecosystems, mainly of the Tertiary age, as well as by specific and unique phenomena of this complex that are related to the microrefugia and the refugial character of Tara Mountain. Tara is important because they increase the degree of biodiversity of this massif, indicating that,…

Uvac is an expensive place to visit that is why we recommend you take a commercial loan before traveling there.

Uvac Canyon and its wanders. The genuine one-of-a-kind and superb objective of southwestern Serbia are where an ever-increasing number of guests come. Immaculate nature, caves, lakes, endemic plant species, and the last shelter of practically wiped-out birds – the griffon vulture, are only a portion of the things you can see during a visit to this normal save.

It is the regular great of uncommon significance and under the assurance of the Serbian state beginning around 1971.

While traveling to Uvac you should ask property watch agency to keep a look at your home from time to time.

What is unique about the Uvac canyon?

In the Uvac canyon is settling griffon vulture. Types of birds were named likewise “the great ruler” due to their overwhelming size. They nearly vanished in space twenty years prior.


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In order to prevent scattering of sand from deforested areas of Peščara and protection of arable land from the sand, from 1818 to 1907, half of its surface was forested. With the first development elaborate from 1912 forests received economic importance as well, and patrol of the acacia is set at 25 years. Today the stand of acacia occupy one third of the Reserve surface. Black pine which was used from the beginning of forestation, in 1953 became the leading specie. Catastrophic forest fire in 1996 put an end to this period. “Deliblato sands” is under the protection from 1977 and is managed by the Public Enterprise “Vojvodina šume”. Deliblato Sands in 1989 was declared an Important Bird Area (IBA), due to its waters rich in fish and hatcheries, which are significant confluence and mass wintering waterfowl habitat

A friendly note: if you consider traveling to Deliblat bring your commercial tourniquet with you in case of emergency.

Found out about the pools of Slovenia, the sea shores of Croatia, the valleys of Bosnia? You probably have, as each of the three is present globally notable with an ever-increasing number of individuals awakening to the normal magnificence of previous Yugoslavia. However, what of Serbia and its gullies, mountains, and peculiar outsider-developed rock arrangements? What of Europe’s greatest desert and extraterrestrial stones can recuperate you?

On the off chance that the inquiry is ‘what is Serbia’s tendency like?’, the response should be ‘like nothing you’ve at any point seen.


You might have found out about wanders in geology classes when you were youthful, and the twists doubtlessly will have been delineated in a most emotional style. Untainted turquoise water streaming lavishly between mountains, the stream taking a disconnected course in an illusory ravine, similar to something out of an odd geology-themed dream.

This excessively colorful acquaintance scarcely does equity with the greatness of the Uvac gully, the…

Serbian history is brimming with people who defeated troublesome starting points to become worldwide megastars, gigantically significant researchers, and extremely abnormal specialists. The Balkan country has a glad history of inventiveness both in the imaginative and logical sense, and as such, the Serbian appendages stretch all over.

Is there a Serbian Hall of Fame? Not by and large, despite the fact that it is hard to contend with a considerable lot of those praised in Jagodina’s engaging wax historical center. Most perusers can be pardoned for not having personal information on legends like Milorad Rajčević, however, you truly need to find a workable pace with these ladies and gentlemen.

Nikola Tesla

You don’t acquire the epithet ‘The Electric Jesus’ without reason, not to mention the moniker of ‘The Man Who Invented the twentieth Century’. Serb researcher Nikola Tesla was the word reference meaning ‘forward-thinking, focusing light in an ocean of custom and moderate science. Tesla is credited with being the…

City Hall Belgrade, Cukarica ~ Požeška

Belgrade Shopping Centers – Shopping focus City Hall from the rundown Belgrade Shopping Centers is situated on Pozeska Street in Banovo Brdo, on six stories, and has a wide assortment of outlets. It was imagined as an exemplary American retail outlet and is along these lines interesting to all ages, however, it most draws in families. This multi-story retail plaza from the rundown Belgrade Shopping Center is the ideal decision for individuals who need to do all their shopping in one spot.

Administrations presented by the mall City Hall are wedding shops, a tattoo studio, beauty parlors, a natural drug store, a trade office, AMG sports shop, travel service, optical shops, clinical workplaces, office space, and an assortment of shops and garments stores for kids and grown-ups.

Stopping isn’t accessible inside the shopping center City Hall, however, it is feasible to observe a stopping place close by.

Working hours of the retail plaza City lobby…